Missions Our Church Supports

Avant Ministries

Founded in 1892, Avant Ministries is one of the oldest missionary-sending agencies in the United States. Avant Ministries is an international church planting-mission agency. Avant sends church-planting teams and church-based teams across the globe to plant a church where it does not yet exist. We at Mt. Olivet Christian Church are currently sharing in support of the General Fund and three missionary families in Spain and Ecuador. Avant is located in Kansas City, MO, United States and Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

Christ For Me, Inc

“Establishing the Individual in the Word of God” since 1978, Christ For Me headquarters is located in Tahlequah, OK. This ministry was founded by Ron Goossen when he was 16 years old at which time he began publishing the “Christ For Me” magazine. This magazine for children has gone into every state and a few foreign countries. In 1998 the ministry expanded to the internet. In January of 2000, Ron added the Mailbox Ministry, as well as Prison Ministries. The ministry offers over 200 courses. Although many of the students are incarcerated, the lessons have been used for Sunday school classes, homeschool studies, or Bible studies for the homebound.  Ron‘s wife, Frieda, is also very involved in the ministry.

City Union Mission

Founded by Rev. and Mrs. David Bulkley in 1924, City Union Mission is located in downtown Kansas City, MO. City Union Mission is an evangelical Christian ministry committed to sharing the gospel and meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of men, woman and children who are poor or homeless. City Union Mission is the largest rescue mission in a six-state area and is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Dan Doty is the Executive Director of the Mission.

Evangelical Mission Ministries

EMM is located in Pharr, TX and was formerly known as Mexican Missions Ministries. From the beginning, EMM sought to find pastors, missionaries, children’s workers and more from amongst the ever-growing national church within Mexico. Founded by Walter Gomez, he and a few other missionaries started out planting the initial churches. Mexican Mission Ministries became Evangelical Mission Ministries in 2007 in order to continue to expand the vision and purpose to include the entire Spanish-speaking world. The conference of churches is now self-supporting. EMM´s role today is to support the seminary in Pachuca, Mexico, national missionaries, US missionaries and to raise funds for the various ministries in Mexico.

Middle Eastern Missionary Organization

(MEMO)-“Helping nationals do the work of ministry”. Based in the Portland, Oregon area, MEMO’s mission is to help Arab nationals do the work of ministry in their own countries of origin through leadership training and resources. In the States, its goal is to reach into Arabic-speaking communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide awareness seminars for American churches, creating understanding and love for the people of the Arab World and involvement through prayer and support. In 2006, the ministry expanded to helping Arabic immigrants integrate into American society with an AIM (Arabic Immigrant Ministry) Center that serves their many needs in the name of Christ.

Midland Ministries

Midland Ministries was established on October 18, 1977 and is headquartered in St. Joseph, MO. Midland Ministries is a non-denominational ministry committed to reaching those outside the Body of Christ and bringing them into the Body of Christ. Their purpose “is to further the kingdom of God with all age groups, to aid and minister to the local church and together as God directs, to fulfill the great commission in order that we may be used to make a difference in our world for Christ”. Midland Ministries is under the direction of Rev. Jon Henderson.

Rio Grande Bible Institute

Jerrih and Ercilia Silva are serving with Rio Grande Bible Institute in Edinburg, Texas. They joined RGBI in 2009 after serving in Spain with Avant Ministries. Jerrih is director of the Practical Ministries area of the Bible College. His job is to assign students to churches in the Rio Grande Valley where they can put classroom knowledge into practice. Ercilia teaches Spanish Conversation to missionaries in the Language School. Through their ministries at Rio Grande, the Silva’s are helping “to develop Christ-centered leaders with a biblical worldview for the global church”


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